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IT Supporter: trouble shooter for humans and computers


The hardware and software in companies manages data of all kinds and as information technology represents the link between man and machine. It is therefore all the more important that the IT is always up to date and can be used by all users. It is my job at Flughafen Dresden GmbH to ensure that these processes work.

IT management ensures that information technology supports all strategic and operative measures of a company in order to operate successfully and be competitive.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Information Technology (IT), Aerospace
  • Customer: Airport Dresden
  • Jobtitle: IT Supporter
  • Location: Dresden
  • Service: Personnel Placement / Temporary Employment

My tasks

As an IT supporter in First Level Support Clients and Printers, my responsibilities include end user support and I am the first point of contact for my colleagues when problems occur. The essential components of my work are the assumption and categorization of IT disturbances and problems as well as the documentation and of course the correction of the errors so that colleagues can continue working quickly. It is important to document both the error description and the solution at the end so that the same problems can be solved more quickly in the future. The degree of difficulty of the occurring faults always varies greatly. Often these are standard problems that are solved quickly, sometimes the challenge is a bit higher and then I try to find a quick solution by doing my own research and building up my personal knowledge.

Furthermore, I take over the installation, configuration and support of the IT workstations as well as the support of the operative software systems. This includes software installations and software maintenance, i.e. updates to keep everything up to date.

I was interested in pursuing a profession that will play an increasingly important role in the future, and above all is fun.

Just as important as all the technical know-how is the ability to communicate in my profession. As a helpdesk, I am the contact point for my colleagues several times a day, advising them, for example, on how to make the best use of their programs, so that in the end the best possible goal is achieved as quickly and easily as possible.  We are a small team, very committed and professional in our work together and overall there is a great working atmosphere.

My job also requires a lot of technical understanding and commitment. Constantly new topics and concerns of my colleagues enrich my daily work and make it exciting and varied, but also constantly present me with new challenges. This starts with small topics such as print settings and extends to programming.

This way, you will always learn new programs if something does not work as desired, and you will get to know new functions every day, since programs are constantly being extended and optimized. This presupposes that you have a vested interest in developing and building up your know-how - because IT is constantly setting new standards.

My way to ARTS

After several stations abroad and various professional activities, I wanted to get back to my home country and discovered ARTS during my internet research. As I had already successfully completed my retraining as an IT specialist for system integration, I looked at these tenders at ARTS in particular and finally applied for a job as an IT supporter for Dresden Airport. Afterwards, everything went very quickly and I received a phone call inviting me to an interview at ARTS and then to a job interview at the airport.

The process was smooth and the communication with the ARTS colleagues is still friendly and open. I always get help with open questions and concerns and I am looking forward to future joint projects with ARTS.

I chose IT itself because I find the complexity so fascinating. Information technology helps in many situations in life, facilitates everyday office life, communication with customers and business partners and, above all, it is used in all industries. In addition, I find it great to be able to relieve my colleagues with my work and also to relieve them of tasks or make them easier. I was interested in pursuing a profession that will play an increasingly important role in the future and, above all, is fun.

facts and figures

1 million of IT experts in Germany
  Extending your Success
124k open IT positions in Germany in 2019

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