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Transformation Services

with ARTS

Your Strategy & Transformation Consulting

Technological progress, the working world of the future and digital worlds shape our transformation services. We shape and steer the transformation towards a high-performance and innovative organisation with and for our customers and business partners. In all our transformation projects, we see ourselves as a trustworthy, creative advisor and companion. We are your key position in the work design, digitalisation & change process.

Our Transformation Services at a glance

Organizational consulting

We integrate powerful, innovative working models for your organisation that suit you. This is how we transform exactly what you need in your company.

Organizational consulting

Advice on the organization of the future

We shape a successful future together with you. When work is no longer a place where we go, efficiency plays less of a role, but rather meaning, agility, flexibility and a new work culture.

Organization of the future

Consulting - Transformation Competence

We learn, promote and strengthen resilience (the psychological power of resistance) in your organisation. Because in addition to professional competence, companies will need employees and teams in the future who are able to react quickly to (digital) changes.

Transformation Competence

Consulting - Change Management

We accompany your entire organisation in transformation projects and ensure sustainable success.

Change Management

Consulting - Corporate Culture

Together, we develop a corporate culture in which your employees and your potential applicants, find themselves. This not only increases the quality of applicants, but also employee loyalty.

Corporate Culture

ARTS - Your Mindset Changer for Work and Organizational Design

#short-term solutions:

We offer workshops and in-house webinars on the topic of transformation, work and organizational design as a get-to-know-you offer.

#medium-term solutions:

To accelerate transformation, you need advocates and contemporary leadership. We accompany and coach managing directors, executives and key positions in 5-8 individual sessions and make you fit for change.

#long-term solutions:

We take over the project management for your transformation projects within the framework of interim management or a service contract.



Accelerate change and boost performance with ARTS Transformation Services

The added value from our advice:

  • We work with you to ensure your competitiveness and future viability.
  • We accelerate your transformation processes.
  • Cross the jungle of the VUKA world with us and be ready for all upcoming challenges.
  • We develop individual, new ways of shaping work for you.
  • We develop an identity-creating vision, mission and culture for your company.
  • With our services, we guarantee you an increase in employee identification and performance.

What our customers and partners say

For years, we, an IT service provider for ERP solutions, and ARTS Transformation Services have been active in joint projects. We complement our competences very well: ARTS takes over the strategic project management, the process optimisation and is the companion for the teams affected by the change and we are the IT implementer.

Christoph Lehmann
Managing Director, manaTec GmbH

Frequently asked questions about our transformation projects and our transformation services 

"Something has to change!" Where do I start first to increase performance and innovation?

Innovative capacity and productivity have many influencing factors - the people, the technology and the organisation. Your workforce plays the biggest role here, at all levels of the hierarchy. Your employees are empowered to drive innovation. Measures in the area of human resources and organisational development can make a significant contribution to increasing innovation and performance. In a no-obligation initial meeting, we find out what can be a first step towards increasing your innovative capacity and performance.

How long does a transformation project take on average?

Ultimately, there is no exact answer to this question. There are too many parameters that can influence the duration. Depending on the topic, goal, capacity and priority, the project time window also varies. Every ARTS consultancy service is individual and tailored to your needs. However, a tendency towards the time factor can be derived after a non-binding initial meeting.

What distinguishes ARTS from other consultants in the field of transformation?

We have been assisting companies with personnel challenges for more than 20 years, which is why we focus on people. This is how we live and understand our transformation services - you, your employees and managers are the key to success. We bring this potential to light for you.

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