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Training and consulting for transformation competence with ARTS

Our dynamic environment teaches us the short-lived nature of our acquired knowledge. Some companies have already recognized that this dynamism is an opportunity to take an active role in shaping the future. With the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence, machines are increasingly taking more than just physical work off our hands. We see this as an opportunity for us as humans to return to our strengths in this automated world and thus generate real added value. On the one hand, we can learn to cope in the digital world, and on the other hand, we can fully develop our own potential and create new things in the company using different strengths.


Consulting Transformational Competence with ARTS 

Satisfied Customers and Partners


How does the transformation competence training with ARTS work?

We accompany you on your way into a dynamic future. In addition to professional competence, skills will be needed in the future to react quickly to changes. Lifelong learning and the ability to reflect will determine sustainable success.

  • Dimension 1: Development of potential - Recognition of the potential of employees for adequate promotion and development as well as for the design of appropriate framework conditions for development. 
  • Dimension 2: Self-development for leaders - learning self-leadership, emotional intelligence and one's own leadership style
  • Dimension 3: Transformation competence - strengthening resilience in dealing with change, training the ability to help shape change and the corresponding cultural change as well as to realize it through implementation strength
  • Dimension 4: Digital competence | digital leadership - developing an understanding of the digital possibilities in one's own area of work, media competence, communication skills and corresponding application-oriented IT know-how


Transformational Competence Consulting with ARTS - Your Benefits.

  • Corporate learning is rethought. With us, you now develop your system for the individual development of your top performers.
  • Together we design the overarching learning space in such a way that your employees develop process-accompanying and collaboratively on the job.
  • You receive our knowledge for your managers and employees so that they take on the roles of learning facilitators and sparring partners for the individual development of their colleagues.
  • In the future, knowledge of change management, problem-solving skills, competencies in the areas of self-development and independent as well as team-oriented mobile working will be decisive. We are the right partner for you.


Learning transformation competence - Our qualifications

Personnel development is in our DNA

  • ARTS has been on the market as a successful personnel service provider for 20 years. The focus has always been on finding the right specialist for a job. 
  • Through specially organized qualification programs, we have been able to meet the need for specialized aviation professionals at a client. 
  • Competence development beyond digital skills is our daily task.

Cooperation with our own training provider

  • As a certified training provider, we conceptualize exactly the training and workshops that fit his training needs. 
  • We address individual situations, requirements and knowledge levels. 
  • Sustainability and integration into the daily work routine are driving factors for us to meet the qualification needs.

What solutions do we offer in the area of 

transformational skills consulting?

What solutions do we offer in the area of transformational skills consulting?

#Short-term solutions:

We develop the individual competency areas with you, your managers, teams or employees in short-term workshops, webinars or individual or team coaching sessions.

#medium-term solutions:

Your topic focus cast in a blended learning concept provides your employees with exactly those competencies that are necessary for your future success. In addition, we also accompany your top performers over a longer period of time on individual or team-related topics.

#long-term solutions:

A holistically conceptualized competency management system with a corresponding blended learning approach, tailored precisely to your organization and your employees, ensures that you will continue to have valuable key competencies in the future.


A sense of community despite physical separation

The current situation challenges every employee, as well as managers. While we have learned that we are more productive in the home office, we feel less connected to each other. Our client also had this perception, plus a survey we conducted specifically showed that more is being asked of managers. In the structure of the company, the team leaders:in are both in leadership roles and operational. The team is still very young and has also been affected by fluctuation in recent months. In view of the survey responses, the prevention of further departures and long-term satisfaction as well as productivity, we developed a training program for our client's managers.


Managers are brand ambassadors internally and multipliers for the management. They should be trained according to the current challenges in the area of remote leadership, resilience and basic leadership skills in order to apply this in everyday life when working together as a team in such a way that the goals - more leadership skills, employee retention, well-being and productivity - are achieved.


We designed the training sessions like weekly jour-fixe appointments that everyone had fixed in their calendars. In 60-90min we packed individual topics into smaller units. By means of accompanying transfer questions, we transferred what we had learned directly into everyday life. In addition, there were challenges and individual one-on-one coaching sessions for topics outside of the weekly appointment. In addition, we initially focused on topics of self-leadership and self-development during the training sessions in order to work out each manager's own leadership style. The experience gained in the area of self-organization and specifics of communication in the virtual space quickly had an impact on the teams. After an intensive phase of 9 months, we set up a monthly rhythm and later a 3-month rhythm for joint discussion rounds. In addition, we accompanied all managers through individual coaching sessions in all phases.


Shortly after the start of the measure, there was a renewed survey of the employees, which already showed positive changes in appreciation and in the general assessment of leadership at a distance. In addition, there were no further departures, but growth in employee numbers. Another six months later, we were able to note an increased identification with the company, the goals and the values via the survey. Satisfaction increased and absenteeism also fell to an absolute minimum.

Customer quotes

"For years now, we, an IT service provider for ERP solutions, and ARTS Transformation Services have been involved in joint projects. We complement our competencies very well: ARTS takes over the strategic project management, the process optimization and is the companion for the teams affected by the change and we are the IT implementer."

Christoph Lehmann, Managing Director, manaTec GmbH


Frequently asked questions about digital leadership and transformational competence at a glance.

As an employer, how can you demonstrate a clear, practical competency development plan?

Currently, there is an imbalance between the self-perception on the part of employers and managers with regard to the development needs of their employees. Compared to the perception of the affected employees themselves. Although there are central development plans, many employees are uncertain whether their further development and technological change will affect their jobs. Therefore, it is important that you convey security to your employees with the help of the developed plan and that you respond to the changing conditions. We support you in addressing the uncertainties, identifying the necessary key skills for your employees in the relevant field of work, and thus developing the future viability of their job profile. We also focus on fundamental competence enhancements in terms of problem-solving skills, change competence and an agile mindset.

What skills will leading companies have to focus on in the future?

The characteristics of the competencies relevant to the future may differ depending on the business field and professional profile. What we will all need, however, is the ability to deal with challenging situations, competencies that strengthen us and help us to realize our full potential in our work. For us, these are fundamental transformational competencies that everyone needs in order to work in a high-performance, satisfied and motivated manner. Agile change management and a basic understanding of digital opportunities are also part of this. Here, it is primarily a matter of demonstrating perspectives that avoid uncertainties and thus standstill.

Transformational skills training or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

If you are already in the midst of a change and would like to work sustainably on the transformation competencies of your employees and managers, let's get together without obligation in an initial meeting to do so. If you are still facing a major change process or would like to completely redesign your organization for the future, we can also support you in this. The development of appropriate competencies is then included. The training of specific competencies in the area of human resources or an outsourcing of your personnel development processes are further aspects in which we can assist you.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

From our point of view, the competencies of the future are cross-sectoral and independent of the business field, because it is particularly about how we deal with the digital world, communication and competencies that help us to survive in this dynamic, complex and uncertain world. The change in work culture also requires a change in the understanding of competence management. We are happy to accompany you on this path.

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