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StepStone job ads - a generalist job board

StepStone job ads are used by around 3.6 million German user :in each month. With more than 160,000 registered companies and over 600,000 jobs worldwide, StepStone is one of the leading online job exchanges in Europe.

The publication of StepStone job adverts is an essential part of our multiposting services. multiposting services. As well as advising on target audiences, we design and publish your StepStone job adverts and optimise them for relevant keywords and current HR marketing trends.

Why should you place StepStone job ads?

Nationwide range & large network

StepStone is one of the leading job boards with wide reach through partners and advertising platforms as well as broad user base. Thanks to AI and Job Agent, you can increase your visibility and reach potential candidates who are actively looking for jobs.

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Target group
specific audience

StepStone offers the possibility of targeting your job ad to specific audiences. Filters such as work experience, qualifications, location and other relevant factors ensure that your ad is seen by the right target group of candidates.

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Brand Awareness

brand awareness

If you as an employer regularly post job ads on StepStone and maintain the free company profile, this will help to increase your company's brand awareness. Applicants see the ads and get an impression of the company culture and career opportunities.

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Job Multiposting

Additional services

Posting jobs on StepStone is just one option on the platform, which also offers various employer branding measures to promote your company as an attractive place to work.

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Easy application process

StepStone offers a user-friendly platform where applicants can upload documents and apply directly via the portal. This simplifies the application process for both sides.

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Performance review

ARTS provides you with comprehensive insights into the performance of your StepStone job ads. We thus enable you to make informed decisions for your recruiting strategy.

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Your StepStone job ads - get that little extra with ARTS

At StepStone, you can choose different designs - depending on the position to be filled and the budget that can be used. While with the Select and Select Plus products you only have the option of adding a header image of your choice to your job ad, with the Pro products, you can design your ads entirely according to your individual ideas and add your own branding.

 StepStone Pro Jobs




per vacancy

plus VAT




per vacancy

plus VAT





per vacancy

plus VAT

Duration30 days30 days45 days
Refreshaccording to 15 daysaccording to 15 daysaccording to 15/20 days
Campaign management via regional portals and specialist portalsprioritized campaign managementprioritized campaign management
Direct approach to candidates
Custom branding layout display
1x additional direct candidate approach

Our service includes:

  • Coordination with StepStone
  • Monitoring and Reporting

StepStone Select job ads









FocusDrivers, warehouse, security, cleaning staff, temporary staff Area staff, care & support staff, nursery workers, craftsmen 
Duration15 days30 days
Refresh-according to 15 days
Campaign management mainly via regional portals 
Direct approach to candidates-
Layout text ad with header image

Our service includes:

  • Coordination with StepStone
  • Monitoring and Reporting

StepStone job ads for the search of trainees, diploma students, apprentices and volunteers





Focus regional focus on the search for interns, diploma students, trainees and volunteers 
Duration30 days
Custom branding
Partner portals with a professional focus
Candidate Targeting

Our service includes:

  • Coordination with StepStone
  • Monitoring and Reporting


Your advantages with StepStone job ads by ARTS

Job Multiposting


ARTS has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of job marketing. Our clients benefit from this expertise when it comes to SEO optimization of their job ads, targeting the right audience and maximizing visibility.

maximal reach

Wide range

As a 360° HR agency, we offer you the opportunity to place your job adverts not only directly on a single portal such as StepStone, but also on multiple job boards such as Indeed, eBay at the same time for greater reach.

Time Saving

Saving time

We handle the entire process of job publication - from the creation of the StepStone job ad to its closure. We also support you in creating your own attractive company profile, thus creating the basis for successful recruitment via StepStone.

saving costs

Cost optimization

As an HR agency, we pass on our price advantage to you. If you want to place the ads on several portals, you can reduce your costs. We are happy to offer you ad packages individually tailored to your position. This allows you to use your budget more effectively.

Consulting for your job ad
from € 365

per job plus VAT

You will receive:

- Analysis of your target candidate group for one vacancy
- Comprehensive keyword research for optimisation of your job ad
- Development of a 4- to 8-week media plan based on your pre-defined budget, including Stepstone, other online job boards, Social Media, Google Ads, Print, Radio, TV, Out-Of-Home and more
- Job optimization according to current HR marketing trends incl. SEO aspects and proofreading

Additionally available upon request:

- Ad design for all publication channels according to media plan in line with your corporate design
- Publication of adverts
- Controlling & Reporting

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Frequently asked questions about Stepstone job ads

Which applicant target group is particularly represented at StepStone?

The platform appeals to a wide range of professionals and employees at different levels of experience. This gives you the opportunity to reach different applicant target groups. Nevertheless, there are occupational fields that are particularly easy to fill via StepStone. These include:

  • sales and distribution,
  • engineering,
  • IT and telecommunications,
  • banking and finance,
  • the skilled trades and technical apprenticeships,
  • purchasing, materials management and logistics
  • as well as marketing and communications.

Which job board is more suitable - Indeed or StepStone?

According to the DKI (German Customer Institute), Stepstone is the best provider among the generalists, scoring 92.6 out of 100 points in the test and thus achieving the grade "very good". Among the meta search engines, Indeed leaves the competition behind with 85.5 out of 100 points. However, the selection of the "right" job exchange depends on your applicant target group and your available budget.

Why does StepStone indicate a salary range?

StepStone's main business model is to sell job ads and offer access to candidate profiles in its own database. In view of the fierce competition on the market, the days of "post and pray" are over, where you place an ad and hope for numerous applications. In the current candidate market situation, you as a company should think carefully about where you place your ads and choose the most effective channel. For this reason, StepStone strives to be as attractive as possible for companies by generating more applications for customers and providing an extensive candidate database.

The idea is simple: job ads with salary information achieve the following benefits:

  • Generating more job agent and newsletter subscribers: Including a salary range in job ads leads to an increase in applicants who have new job offers sent to them via job agent or upload their resume to the database. Salary forecasts are attractive (free) services and sources of information for applicants. Growth in the number of subscriber plays an important role in the job board's sales pitch.
  • Increase in applications: Salary is one of the deciding factors for applicants :inside to apply for a job. Without salary information, many applicants skip the job and continue searching. With the salary information in the job advertisement, you as a company can receive more applications, since the applicants concentrate on the job offers, whose salary corresponds to their needs.
  • Reduce dropout rates in the application process: When applicants see a salary range directly in the ad, they are no longer distracted by external sources of information. This leads to a lower dropout rate in the application process. They are therefore more likely to complete the entire application process.

Can I use the corporate design for Stepstone job ads?

Yes, this option is available. The ads can be customized with the appropriate options and features to match your branding and the look and feel of your business. Among other things, this includes, for example, logo integration, the use of corporate colors and the customization of the layout.

In which countries can job ads be published via StepStone?

As an internationally operating platform, StepStone is present in a total of 140 countries, 27 of which are members of the European Union (EU). With this global presence, companies and job seekers worldwide have access to a wide range of job ads and career opportunities.

How long will my StepStone job ad run?

Depending on the product you choose, you have the option to select a duration from a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 30 days. With StepStone, you have the flexibility to determine the duration that best suits your needs and goals - regardless of whether you're planning short-term staffing or long-term recruitment.


You want to place StepStone job ads with ARTS?

Let us optimize your StepStone job ads and benefit from our more than 20 years of experience in recruitment. Together, we will find the optimal mix of job posting channels for you and maximize your recruiting success. Contact us!

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