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Instagram job posting

The world of recruitment is constantly evolving. That's why, in today's digital age, Instagram job adverts are an innovative approach to attracting the best talent to your business. 

The visual focus of this world-leading social media platform allows your company to showcase not only your products and services, but also your brand. Through creative Instagram job adverts, companies can express their personality, showcase their unique working atmosphere and impress potential talent with their charm and uniqueness.

Instagram gives you a comprehensive tool to take your social media recruitment strategy to the next level. From optimising your company profile and expanding your employer branding to the targeted use of hashtags, story features, live videos and ads. Use this opportunity to stand out from the crowd and attract people who are a perfect fit for your company culture.

What are the benefits of posting jobs on Instagram?

maximal reach

Wide range

Instagram has over one billion active users worldwide who visit the platform every day. As an employer, you can reach a wide audience by posting jobs on Instagram. Due to the predominantly mobile use of the platform via the app, you can reach users on a regular basis and significantly increase the reach of your advert.


Visual display

Instagram is a visually oriented platform that is ideal for presenting job advertisements in a world where a picture is worth a thousand words. ARTS can help you create creative content in the form of images and videos to impress and engage potential candidates.


Target specific audiences

As a social media channel, Instagram allows you to target your ads to specific audiences. By using demographics, interests and behaviours, you can ensure your ads are seen by relevant people who match the job requirements.
We are happy to manage the placement of your ad for the perfect match.


Build relationships

The Instagram channel offers various interaction options such as likes, comments and direct messages. As an employer, you can interact directly with candidates, answer questions and build a personal relationship. As a 360° HR agency, ARTS offers comprehensive support in building relationships via Instagram. This includes strategic planning, creative content creation, day-to-day community management, targeted campaign management, reporting and analysis, and training for your team


Proactive applications

By integrating buttons and links, interested candidates can be transferred directly to your company's careers page. This greatly simplifies the application process and increases the likelihood that qualified candidates will apply.


Brand Awareness

Employer Branding

Posting jobs on Instagram allows you to authentically showcase your company's culture and values. This helps to build a strong employer brand and attract potential candidates who feel connected to the organisation. As HR marketing experts, we are happy to manage your Instagram profile.


Do you want to stand out on Instagram and attract maximum attention?

maximal reach

Your customised job post on Instagram

Immerse yourself in the future of recruiting with our customised job ad on Instagram! In today's digital age, social media recruiting is here to stay. We offer you the perfect solution to attract the best talent for your organisation.

Our innovative approach allows you to place your job advert directly in the feeds of potential applicants. Through targeted placement on Instagram, you not only appeal to a broad, but also a highly qualified target group that fits perfectly with your corporate culture. Use the power of social media to attract talented professionals and strengthen your team. Our team of experts will ensure that your job advert not only stands out, but also attracts the attention of those who can add real value to your business.

Your next top talent could be just a click away. Get started now and focus on social media recruiting with our customised job ad on Instagram! Let's shape the future of your team together.



Do you want to reach hidden talent on Instagram?

Innovative job advert on Instagram for targeted and effective applications

Revolutionise your recruitment with active applications through our specially designed job ad on Instagram! We know that the best talent is not always actively looking for a job. That's why we focus on proactive measures to reach qualified candidates directly. Companies can actively promote themselves with innovative job ads on Instagram. Through strategically placed content and a targeted approach, we build a bridge between your company and qualified professionals who may have previously gone undetected. Harness the power of social media to actively source the best talent and add passion and expertise to your team. Your next top talent could be waiting in the wings. Use our job postings on Instagram to attract active applications and shape the future of your team!



Do you want to strengthen your employer brand on Instagram?

Brand Awareness

Our customised job postings highlight your company culture

Strengthen your employer branding and use Instagram as a powerful tool to showcase your employer brand! Our bespoke job adverts on Instagram give you the perfect platform to visually showcase your company's culture, values and unique career benefits. Through engaging content and a targeted approach, we create an authentic connection with potential candidates and project a positive image of your company. Use the visual power of Instagram to not only attract qualified talent, but also position your company as an attractive employer. Strengthen your employer brand on Instagram and attract the best professionals who identify with your corporate vision. Your next top talent could be waiting to discover your brand - start now!



Your benefits with ARTS - your guide to effective Instagram job posting

Time Saving

Save time

With ARTS as your partner for Instagram job postings, you can save a lot of time, because we offer you an all-inclusive package, from preparing your content for the platform to posting it and updating it if necessary.

Programmatic Job Marketing

Multiposting portfolio

Are you planning more than just Instagram job adverts? Our expertise enables us to provide you with comprehensive advice on the best publication channels, both digital and traditional, based on your target audience. We use various platforms such as job boards, online job markets, search engines, social media, print media and many more.

Full Service HR Agency

360° HR Agency

Do your needs go beyond simply advertising vacancies? This is no challenge for ARTS. As a full-service HR agency, we are your ideal partner. We are ready to take on all tasks in various service areas in order to fully understand and meet your requirements along the entire candidate and employee journey.


Frequently asked questions about posting jobs on Instagram

Why post jobs on Instagram?

Posting job ads on Instagram offers companies a number of strategic HR marketing advantages. The platform has an impressive user base, which provides optimal reach for presenting job opportunities. Thanks to the visual presentation options, creative content can be used to attract the attention of potential candidates.

Targeted advertising options allow job adverts to be tailored to specific audiences. Instagram's mobile user base is particularly attractive to those who use their smartphones extensively to search for jobs and gather information. By cleverly placing job adverts on Instagram, you can not only fill vacancies, but also strengthen your brand presence and position yourself as an attractive employer.

However, it is important to note that the success of this strategy depends on the appropriate use of the platform and the creation of engaging content. Careful targeting and maintaining an attractive and authentic employer image are key.

Is placing postings on Instagram free of charge?

No, posting jobs on Instagram is not free. Instagram offers businesses the opportunity to reach their target audience, including potential candidates for open positions, by posting ads. These ads can be presented as images, videos or carousels and appear in the user's Instagram feed, Stories or Explore section.

Instagram ads are created and managed through the Meta ads tool. In order to place Instagram ads, an advertising account must be created with Facebook. Ads are then created and monitored through the Dashboard. The cost of Instagram job ads varies depending on the target audience selected, the scope of the ad campaign, the duration of the placement and the competition for similar audiences. Companies have the option to set a budget and optimise the ads according to their marketing objectives.

Our social media experts can help you develop an effective Instagram advertising strategy that best fits your goals and budget.

What audience is Instagram for?

Instagram's target group is extremely diverse and has a major influence among younger people aged 18 to 34. The platform is very popular with millennials and Generation Z, who primarily share and consume their content visually. These users mainly use Instagram on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and show great interest in social interactions and topics such as fashion, lifestyle, travel, art and photography. In addition, an influencer culture has developed on Instagram.

The target group on Instagram is subject to constant change and growth. It should be noted that the platform is also increasingly being used by older users and different demographic groups. In view of this diversity, it is very important to take the specific interests of the target group into account when creating content or adverts.


Do you want to get the most out of the Instagram platform?

Contact us - as marketing experts, we are your experienced and reliable partner when it comes to placing Instagram job ads and ensuring your long-term success!

Our expertise extends to the targeted targeting of ads to reach your audience. As well as developing creative and engaging content, we also offer comprehensive analysis to maximise the success of your Instagram recruitment strategy. Rely on us to effectively position your brand on this dynamic platform and attract the best talent for your business.

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