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Post job ads on LinkedIn

Posting jobs on LinkedIn has become an essential part of recruiting professionals and managers. With over 850 million members in more than 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, making it one of the most effective platforms for attracting professionals and promoting your company as an employer.

When placing LinkedIn job ads, we not only take care of their creation and publication, but also place particular emphasis on the optimization of your ads, taking into account relevant keywords and HR marketing trends.

As a 360° HR agency, we offer you much more than just placing LinkedIn job ads. In addition to platforms such as Indeed and Xing, we consider LinkedIn to be one of the key tools for social recruiting, which we are happy to take over for you as part of our Recruiting as a Service. You can also obtain various LinkedIn tools from us, such as Recruiter licenses, JobSlots or Company Pages. We also offer the option of designing and implementing comprehensive social media recruiting campaigns for you on LinkedIn.

What are the benefits of posting LinkedIn job ads?

maximal reach

Wide reach

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network with hundreds of millions of members. Posting LinkedIn job ads allows you to communicate your message to a wide audience of professionals and reach qualified candidates.


Precise targeting

ARTS uses LinkedIn JobSlots to target your job ad to the right professionals with specific qualifications, skills, experience or interests. They are also displayed in the LinkedIn job search and in the job recommendations.


Brand Awareness

Employer branding

With a convincing LinkedIn company profile, you can strengthen your employer brand and convey your values and corporate culture. ARTS offers the complete design and management of your LinkedIn profile.



What are the options for posting jobs on LinkedIn?

Free LinkedIn
job ads

Any LinkedIn user can post a free job quickly and easily from their own profile page. Candidates can be viewed, registered, filtered and managed directly on LinkedIn. Free job ads are active for a maximum of 21 days. Postings are limited to one ad per user. This means that free job adverts on LinkedIn are often not enough to meet your own recruitment needs.


Sponsored LinkedIn
job ads

On average, you can reach three times more qualified candidates with LinkedIn job ads than with free ads. In addition to greater reach, sponsored job ads offer more targeted targeting, better positioning, detailed analytics and more flexibility in terms of budget, duration and design options. Find out how we can help you make the most of these tools.



In addition to traditional job postings, LinkedIn gives you the ability to target advertising to your audience. This can be done through sponsored posts directly from your company profile. You can also use traditional online ads that appear in or alongside users' feeds. We can help you choose and implement the best way to advertise on LinkedIn.



Post LinkedIn job ads with ARTS

Job Multiposting

job ads

As part of a bespoke social media recruitment campaign, we combine LinkedIn job ads, social recruiting and targeted social media advertising to suit your candidate audience. We rely on a comprehensive strategy for maximum success.

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Professional social recruiting


ARTS contacts suitable candidates directly on your behalf and takes care of the subsequent professional applicant management. Depending on the target group, we also use other effective tools in addition to LinkedIn.

Social Recruiting

Programmatic Job Marketing

Social Media

As part of a customized social media recruitment campaign, we combine LinkedIn job ads, social recruiting and targeted social media advertising to suit your applicant target group. We rely on a comprehensive strategy for maximum success.

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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media

A LinkedIn company profile increases the visibility of the employer brand. ARTS takes care of the professional design and ongoing maintenance of your LinkedIn profile to ensure a sustainable presence and positive impact.

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As a 360° HR agency, we can offer you the full LinkedIn portfolio. You are welcome to purchase LinkedIn JobSlots, Recruiter Licences or Company Pages through us.

Take advantage of our agency discounts!

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Consulting for your
job ads
from € 365

per job plus VAT

You will receive:

- Target group analysis for an open position
- Holistic keyword analysis
- Creation of a media plan for 4 to 8 weeks according to a pre-defined budget. In addition to LinkedIn, we consider all relevant online job boards, social media channels, GoogleAds, print, radio, TV, out-of-home and much more
- Job optimization according to current HR trends and SEO aspects
- Editorial work

Additionally available upon request:

- Ad design for all publication channels according to the media plan in line with your corporate design
- Advertisement publication
- Controlling & reporting

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Want to get maximum exposure on LinkedIn?

maximal reach

Social Media Recruiting on LinkedIn

Posting one or more job ads on LinkedIn and supplementing them with social recruiting processes is a well thought out strategy to attract the best talent for vacant positions. We can also place targeted ads on LinkedIn to maximise exposure of your vacancies to relevant audiences.

With many years of experience in social media recruiting, ARTS can develop and implement customized campaigns for you. In this way, you can achieve recruiting success quickly and easily without neglecting your core business.

Our recruiters use paid LinkedIn tools for social recruiting. This gives you access to an expanded candidate pool, targeted search capabilities, direct contact and an efficient candidate pipeline to effectively support your search for qualified talent.

  • Comprehensive analysis of your employer brand and potential candidate audiences
  • Development of an effective social recruiting strategy for LinkedIn
  • Development of customised search profiles for your target candidate groups
  • Design, creation and distribution of LinkedIn job slots and LinkedIn ads
  • Personalised approach and professional communication
  • Candidate management - from message tracking to scheduling phone or video interviews, managing application materials, coordinating appointments and managing rejections

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Want to strengthen your employer branding on LinkedIn?

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing with ARTS

For a convincing presentation of your employer brand on LinkedIn and to strengthen the trust of potential candidates, a carefully maintained LinkedIn company page is essential. ARTS can help you target your company page, share relevant content and build a consistent brand presence. These measures will significantly increase your company's visibility.

We also offer analysis and optimisation services for your LinkedIn Company Page. We monitor page performance, analyse interaction rates, identify trends and provide regular reports. Based on these insights, you can improve your strategies, optimise your content and continually develop your LinkedIn presence.

Need help creating a professional company profile?

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Your benefits with ARTS

Job Multiposting

Use our expertise

Benefit from our extensive expertise. We can help you create engaging and SEO-optimised ads, select the right publication channels, optimise your recruitment strategies and provide meaningful reporting.

saving costs

Cost efficiency

By using our multiposting services, you can benefit from our lower agency rates, especially when it comes to placing ads on multiple platforms. This means you spend less on your job advertising and optimise your recruitment costs.

Time Saving

Saving time

As a 360° HR service provider, we take care of the complete creation and publication of ads on LinkedIn. You benefit from an efficient and time-saving process. We can also take care of social recruiting and candidate management for you.


Frequently asked questions about posting LinkedIn job ads

Are job ads on LinkedIn free of charge?

Every LinkedIn user can publish job ads easily and free of charge via their own profile. In these it is possible to view, filter and manage applicants directly. Free LinkedIn job ads remain active for a maximum of 21 days, and the number of ads per user is limited to one. Therefore, free job ads on LinkedIn are often not enough to cover your own personnel requirements.


How to post a job ad on LinkedIn?

As a user, you can post jobs on LinkedIn for free from your own profile, either directly as a job or as a post on your own timeline. You can also pay to have these posts pushed or book a LinkedIn job slot. The latter will appear on the LinkedIn job board in addition to your own company profile, giving you much greater reach.

Why is it worth posting job ads on LinkedIn?

First of all, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network with several hundred million members. This means that you can reach a broad target group of professionals with LinkedIn job ads. This reach gives you the opportunity to target qualified candidates and present your open positions to a relevant audience.

In addition, a meaningful LinkedIn company profile allows you to strengthen your employer brand. Here you can convince potential candidates of your values, your corporate culture and your commitment. This is particularly important as many professionals are not only looking for a suitable position when searching for a job, but also for a company that matches their professional and personal goals.

Overall, posting job ads on LinkedIn offers an effective way to target qualified professionals, strengthen your employer brand and thus increase the chances of successful recruitment efforts.

How long will my job ad be active on LinkedIn?

The duration of your job ad on LinkedIn depends on whether it is published as a free or sponsored ad, a so-called LinkedIn Jobslot. Free job ads have a maximum duration of 21 days, sponsored job ads can remain active for several months. If you post your jobs as classic ads or sponsored posts, the duration depends on the budget.

Can I publish job ads on LinkedIn in different languages?

LinkedIn offers an automatic translation function for some parts of the platform. For example, if a user profile, job ad or other type of text is written in a language that the viewer does not understand, LinkedIn can display an automatic translation in the reader's language. This makes it possible to read and understand content in the preferred language.
Alternatively, companies and users can also manually provide translations for their content to ensure that it is presented in the desired language.

Can I create a company profile on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can create a company profile on LinkedIn to showcase your employer brand and attract candidates. The company profile on LinkedIn allows you to showcase important information about your company and give potential candidates an insight into your company culture, values and work environment.

Contact us - we will be happy to support you in creating your company profile!

Which jobs are particularly in demand on LinkedIn?

Due to its international orientation, LinkedIn is a magnet for job seekers from the IT sector, where the network has its roots and continues to be a leader. In addition to IT specialists, there are also many experts from the fields of marketing, communication and management consultancy. LinkedIn is also characterized by highly qualified users, as almost half of its users have a university degree and around a third of job ads are aimed at managers. Around 27 percent of job ads are aimed at professionals in the IT and telecommunications sector.

Xing or LinkedIn - which portal is more important?

There is no clear answer to this question. Both portals - Xing and LinkedIn - are the most important business networks in Germany. Ultimately, however, it always depends on the individual requirements and goals of the company as to which portal is best suited. Many companies use both platforms to maximize their reach and expand their network. 

However, if you would like to choose a portal, here are a few pointers to help you make your decision:

Geographical location:
While Xing is more active in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), LinkedIn operates globally and is represented in more than 200 countries. If your company is mainly active in German-speaking countries, Xing could be an important platform for you when recruiting. If your company is active worldwide and you are looking on an international level, LinkedIn may be the better choice.

Industry focus:
You can reach a wide range of professionals via both networks. Nevertheless, you can see the trend that Xing is used more often by professionals in industries such as finance, consulting and sales. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has a broader industry coverage and is very popular with professionals in IT, marketing, design, human resources and engineering. It is therefore important to regularly analyze the portals to see which portal the target group you are looking for is spending more time on.

Functions and tools:
Functions and tools for networking, job advertisements and company pages are offered by both portals. However, it should be noted that Xing switched off the group function at the beginning of 2023 as part of a change in strategy. In future, the focus will be on the professional orientation of members and the Xing network will be transformed into a recruiting service provider. If the exchange in specialist groups and a stronger focus on the B2B sector is important to you, LinkedIn could be of greater benefit.


Want to get the most out of your recruitment strategy with LinkedIn job ads?

Contact us - we will be happy to support and advise you. Our experts will answer your questions, help you create effective job ads and offer you customized solutions for your recruitment needs - always with the goal of finding qualified and talented professionals for your company.

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