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Jobs as Industrial Mechanic in Munich at ARTS

Job description of Industrial Mechanic Munich

Munich's industrial landscape offers job opportunities in companies of various sizes, industries and cultures. Discover Munich as an industrial mechanic - you can only benefit from this unique environment. Are you an industrial mechanic looking for a job in Munich? With ARTS you will find your Industrial Mechanic:in job Munich offers numerous opportunities. Apply now!

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Industrial Mechanic as Service Technician (m/f/x)

Munich Building and Facility Management Electrics / Electrical Engineering Mechanics Direct entry at our customer
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Start as an industrial mechanic Munich with ARTS

Munich not only combines an attractive cultural landscape with a high standard of living and a diverse range of tourist attractions, but also has an interesting mix of industrial companies of different sizes and cultures, whose strengths and weaknesses complement each other excellently. As a result, it offers numerous valuable industrial mechanic jobs. Munich is waiting for you.

Possible applications

Industrial mechanic is one of the recognized apprenticeship occupations in Germany with a regular duration of 3.5 years. The most important tasks of industrial mechanics include the installation and maintenance of machines and systems in an industrial environment. They also monitor machines during production, including the associated preparation and reworking work and documentation. The most important skills include manual dexterity and mathematical-technical understanding.


In Munich, ARTS industrial mechanics work for us and our customers in industries such as aerospace, cleaning companies, service providers in the real estate sector and manufacturing.

ARTS industrial mechanics in Munich ensure that production facilities function properly and that work is carried out in accordance with customer requirements and in compliance with quality requirements and company guidelines. This includes plant preparation and post-processing, for example, through proper preparation of the work and the associated provision of suitable materials and tools.

After the manufacturing process, industrial mechanics carry out the finishing work. A classic example of this is surface finishing, taking into account the required tolerances. Some manufacturing processes require additional finishing work: In additive manufacturing of metal components, for example, the components must be separated from the building plate and the support structures of the manufacturing must be removed. After completion of production, industrial mechanics also document the work performed.


Are you interested in one of our job advertisements? You should have the following requirements for an industrial mechanic job in Munich with ARTS or one of our customers:

  • Completed training as an industrial mechanic or precision mechanic, alternatively in another technical profession with relevant experience for the position.
  • Basic professional experience in the field of manufacturing and production as well as the machining of high-precision metal components
  • Advanced German and basic English skills
  • First knowledge in MS Office as well as in handling CAD programs
  • Craftsmanship and good technical understanding
  • Willingness to work shifts and weekends


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