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Free Employer attractiveness self-test - How attractive are you as an employer?

Employer attractiveness & employer branding - everyone is talking about it! But why is it so important? Much like a product brand, how an employer is perceived by potential employees is crucial. The employer brand plays just as important a role in customer loyalty and business success as the product brand.

Our free test allows you to assess your attractiveness as an employer while gaining insight into the status quo of your employer branding process. Take a few minutes to answer our five selected questions and you will receive a written assessment and potential development opportunities to bring your employer brand to life.

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1/5: Do you receive enough qualified applications to fill your open positions in time?

2/5: Are your corporate values and culture clearly defined and are they actively practised?

3/5: Is your employer branding strategy clearly defined and is it being actively implemented?

4/5: Do you show an interest in the needs of your employees and do you have an insight into their satisfaction with you as an employer?

5/5: Do you offer attractive benefit packages that are in line with your employees' needs?

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