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Conducting employee interviews - a seminar by ARTS

Conducting an employee interview is one of the most challenging tasks for a manager. Difficult feedback discussions in particular require clarity, empathy and an appreciative attitude. 

For many managers, annual review meetings, salary negotiations, disciplinary interviews, or even meetings to recognize special achievements are a source of real stress. Striking the right tone, finding the right words and reacting appropriately and sensitively to emotions can be a major challenge. By knowing the basics of communication and being well prepared, employee meetings can be approached and conducted in a more relaxed manner. This has an effect on the entire atmosphere of the discussion, and all those involved in the discussion no longer perceive these appointments as cramped and forced. On the contrary, managers and employees both receive appreciative feedback and valuable impulses for further collaboration.

    Key facts about the seminar "Conducting employee interviews"

    Seminar Contents

    • Overview of the different types of conversations and the special challenges
    • Exchange: What causes me stress? What do I find difficult?
    • Preparation: Planning structure and content
    • Digression: Nonviolent communication according to Rosenberg
    • Communication: How can I communicate empathetically, clearly and constructively?
    • Confident handling of emotions
    • Employee retention: The connection between appreciation and emotional commitment
    • Transfer: How do I continue with the new insights?

    From €1.400

    • per day
    • plus VAT
    • incl. certificate
    • Prices depend on the venue as well as the number of participants and possible specifications
    • We will gladly provide you with an individual offer for your team.

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    Learning objectives

    Together, we will explore how to create a pleasant setting in employee appraisals. You will also learn how to prepare for an employee interview, how to find the right words, how to react empathetically to different interview situations and how to follow up on the results of the interview.

    Organization & format

    • Duration: 2-day in-house training (remote four half days) 
    • Inhouse at your location or remote possible
    • Target group: Executives, managing directors, HR employees
    • Number of participants: At least 4 up to 10 participants
    • ARTS is AZAV-certified and offers interactive training with high quality standards.
    • Each participant receives a final certificate.

    Qualification and partners

    ARTS is an AZAV-certified training provider and offers training for job seekers and companies.

    AZAV Certificate

    Frequently asked questions about the "Conducting employee appraisals" seminar

    Where does the seminar "Conducting employee interviews" take place?

    We offer this training as an in-house training at your company. Upon customer request, we can also conduct the training remotely or at our premises in Dresden. In the case of implementation in a virtual setting, we recommend dividing the two training days into four half days.  

    The advantage of ARTS in-house trainings compared to "catalog trainings" of other providers is that several of your company representatives are trained in one training session and take away the same input. In this way, a common mindset can develop for your company as to how employee discussions should be conducted in an appreciative manner, which has a 1:1 effect on your corporate culture. This means that not only one employee is trained, but you quickly achieve a common understanding that fits your company.

    How long does the seminar "Conducting employee interviews" last?

    This is a 2-day seminar. As a rule, both days are scheduled for about 7h. However, we always coordinate the exact times and dates in consultation with you.

    Do we receive all seminar materials afterwards?

    We are happy to provide the documents used in the training to all participants afterwards.

    Are there other training courses that match this seminar?

    We also offer the seminar "Conducting termination interviews" specifically for this topic area. 

    We are also happy to offer you support in the area of "Management Development". Here we have developed individual training courses that focus on specific topics. These trainings can be booked individually or as a modular package tailored to your managers.

    Will I receive confirmation of my participation?

    Of course, all participants receive a confirmation of participation after each training.

    What technical requirements are necessary for online workshop participation?

    We use both Zoom and Google Meet. For both video conferencing systems you need a laptop or fixed computer with a current browser (Google Chrome recommended). You can easily get into the virtual seminar rooms via an invitation link that we will provide before the workshop. You will also need a headset or speakers on your end device as well as a webcam, since we design the workshops to be interactive, each participant is allowed to actively contribute to the outcome.

    Can I watch the workshops later?

    Recordings of the workshops are not provided by default. Since we do not hold frontal lectures, always actively involve the participants and also work in small groups, participation in the booked workshop is required to get all the content.

    Is an online workshop the right format for me?

    Experience from recent years has shown us that many things work just as well or even better in a virtual setting than in a classroom training. Our experts are trained in the use of various tools, such as virtual whiteboards or the technical uncertainties of online training, so they can provide you with advice and support in any situation. We are also happy to arrange an appointment in advance for a brief technical check-up. The easy access to our online workshop also allows you to easily exchange ideas with participants from all over Germany without additional travel and accommodation costs.


    Interested in the seminar "Conducting employee interviews"?

    You would like to book our seminar "Conducting employee interviews" or have further questions regarding content or organization? Contact us today!

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