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Job Advertising with ARTS, fast, easy and purposeful

In the context of job advertising, i.e. the publication of jobs for a fee, traditional online job boards are playing an increasingly minor role today. These so-called "Post & Pray" channels, which offer fixed prices, e.g. for 30 days of publication, and rely on actively searching candidates, will die out in the future.

Fewer and fewer actively searching candidates are actually scouring job portals for a position that suits them. Today, the question in job advertising has to be where the target group moves online, and that's exactly where ads have to be played out in order to address, above all, passively searching applicants. Of course, we still have the classic online job boards in our program and often the optimal solution is a mixture of classic job boards and social media campaigns. We make sure that your job offer is placed online exactly where the potential candidate is at the moment and thus the job ad gets maximum reach. 

ARTS has already successfully supported many companies in their search for candidates with job advertising. Take advantage of this opportunity to draw attention to your vacancies and benefit from our expertise.

Success through job advertising

Satisfied Customers

Our solutions in the area of job advertising


Multiposting LITE

1.700 €
per vacancy
plus VAT
Send request

Professional support when publishing your job advertisement

  • Consulting for the optimal approach to future employees
  • Job optimisation with regard to benefits and SEO aspects (holistic keyword analysis for optimal keywording of the job)
  • Job advertisement on relevant job and applicant portals and social media (Google Jobs, Xing, LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, etc.)
  • Maximization of your reach:
    • Top placement in selected job search engines such as Indeed & Google
    • Top placement in the ARTS job board
    • Top placement in relevant social media channels
  • Forwarding of all incoming applications
  • Monthly status report on performance

Multiposting PREMIUM

2.500 €
per vacancy
plus VAT
Send request

High reach among passive jobseekers and applicants who are latently willing to change

All services from the Multiposting LITE package

In addition:

You choose between an additional Programmatic Job Ad in different target group-relevant channels or an Indeed campaign optimised only for your position.

We are happy to consult you!


How does Job Advertising work at ARTS?

Placing a target group-specific job ad should not become a full-time job for you – just leave it to us. We have many years of experience in the fields of personnel marketing, job advertising/multi-posting and recruiting and know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that your job ad has the greatest impact on the relevant target groups. You can find out exactly how this works here:

  • Consultation: In an initial discussion, we work with you to define the framework conditions and goals.
  • Personnel inquiry: You send us your personnel inquiry in an open document.
  • Job optimization: With the help of explicit keyword tools, we transform your inquiry into an attractive, target group-specific and search engine-optimized advertisement. 
  • Ad placement: Now the ad is automatically published on our website, selected job search engines and job exchanges, specialist portals and social media platforms, as well as being backed up with social ads and GoogleAds campaigns.
  • Evaluation: A monthly, data-based status report with meaningfully prepared key figures gives you a regular update on the performance of your job.

Job Advertising with ARTS – Your advantages

  • Target group-specific: With our individual job advertising, we specifically address the candidates who match the profile you are looking for. This significantly reduces rejection rates and costs for your applicant management. 
  • Top coverage and less wastage: Job Advertising increases the number of potential candidates, since not only actively searching applicants are addressed.
  • Flexibility: Each campaign can be individually planned and controlled.
  • Time savings: You send us your position to be filled, and we take care of an online marketing campaign perfectly tailored to your staffing needs. 
  • Cost overview: Pre-determined budgets and insightful reporting allow you to accurately calculate your cost per hire.


Job Advertising know-how for one of our clients in the IT industry

Job advertising is particularly interesting for positions that are difficult to fill due to their specialization. In this case, one of Germany's leading IT service providers approached us.


The company was looking for an IT system administrator with many years of professional experience and specialist knowledge, including a sound knowledge of web technologies (for example HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, WebServices and XML) as well as good to very good knowledge of current client frameworks, e.g. jQuery or SPFx.
This position could not be filled for a period of 6 months.


The client booked our Job Advertising LITE. As part of this, the position was published on various online job exchanges and social media channels in a target group-oriented and search engine optimized manner. In addition, advertising campaigns were placed on LinkedIn and via GoogleAds.


With our job advertising, we were able to significantly increase the reach of the job ad and increase the number of applications received. After only 6 weeks, the client invited 3 promising candidates to initial interviews. Finally, one suitable candidate was successfully hired after 12 weeks of job advertising.


Frequently asked questions about job advertising

For which companies is Programmatic Job Advertising suitable?

Programmatic job advertising is particularly recommended for positions that are difficult to fill by conventional means (e.g. when special skills are required or highly sought-after experts are needed).

How long should a campaign be online?

In order to bring such a campaign to success, sufficient time is needed. Here we are talking about a period of at least 4 weeks. Only then can the campaign show its advantages.

Job Advertising or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

Whether job advertising or support in recruiting by means of active sourcing is the right solution for you, we will find out best in a joint and non-binding consultation. Feel free to contact us!

How long does it take to place the campaigns?

Depending on customer requirements, job optimization and channel selection can take different amounts of time. After the optimized ad has gone online on our website, it takes a maximum of 48 hours until the campaigns are deposited and activated on all selected job publication channels.

Can we as a company set the budget for the campaigns ourselves?

Yes, our customers set budgets for individual channels in close consultation with our HR marketing specialists. We are happy to share our experience. However, you always make the final decision. 


How may we support you with your job advertising?

Do you have an open vacancy and need a partner to support you with your recruitment job posting? With ARTS, you have a team of experts at your side that not only brings outstanding technical expertise in strategic recruitment, but also the necessary passion.

Contact us – we are happy to advise you!

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